Welcome to Shabbat Social, a movement igniting the passion and pride of millennial Jews who seek meaningful connection and a new spin on the timeless tradition of Shabbat. Our exclusive and unique Shabbat dinners and events are fun, engaging and full of surprises. Our generation deserves a Friday night celebration where we can unwind, laugh, be inspired and connect.

Who We Are
Jonathan Kestenbaum
The Entrepreneur
I believe I am here to make positive and lasting contributions to the world. My passion is pioneering initiatives that will change the way we live. I go to Shabbat Social to meet the ‘who’s who’ of Millennial Jews.
Jonathan is an entrepreneur and investor in New York City. He is President of Talent Tech Labs (www.talenttechlabs.com), a company that assists early stage technology ventures in the talent acquisition space. Jonathan embodied an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, having started and run two successful businesses before the age of twenty-one. A lawyer by education and entrepreneur by trade, Jonathan is passionate about being on the cutting edge of innovation and capitalizing on industry trends. If you’re lucky, you might find him playing guitar at a dive bar in New York City.
I believe I am here to connect and empower people. My passion is fostering community. I go to Shabbat Social to socialize with my kinda people, and have fun!
Lindsay is one of the most sought after relationship coaches and empowerment leaders of young women. Her engaging style and proven method of teaching self-love as the means to happiness and healthy, lasting relationships, has rocketed her to success and prominence. Lindsay’s writing is featured in national publications, and her website’s popular weekly blog offers advice with the charm and knowing of a best friend or older sister. She has co-authored a soon to be published book with her mentor, bestselling author Karen Salmansohn, called Stop Promising Me a Happily Ever After, Tell Me How to Get One. A New York native, Lindsay is currently earning her Masters in Social Work at NYU. When she isn’t working or studying, you can find her out with her friends at some of the city’s hottest restaurants and clubs.

Ailin Shvartsbart

The Actualizer & Ambassador Program Director

I believe I am here to change people's lives by bringing ideas into fruition. Whether through my cardio kickboxing company, Beatbox Fitness, or my role as the program director for Shabbat Social, I bring my passion for positive change to the communities I touch. I go to Shabbat Social to meet new people, positively impact their lives, and enjoy Shabbat!


The Good Time


I believe I am here to leave a lasting impression that will survive even beyond the time when I am no longer here. I am passionate about eating. I help Shabbat Social because they’re my Shabbat family in lieu of my own family in California. Upon leaving them and moving to New York recently, more than anything else I missed the quality time I experienced with my family on Friday nights... and up until I attended my first Shabbat Social dinner, that Friday night stability was lacking in my life.

Daniel Rickman

The Jack of all Trades & Shabbat Social UK Leader

I believe I am here to turn visions into a reality. My passion is people: I love meeting, engaging and getting to know all different kinds of Jews, in particular young Jews with interesting stories . My dream is to bring Shabbat Social to the UK and use my professional expertise to help it to continue to develop and flourish in the States.

Charlotte Hamilton

The Duchess of Idealism & Shabbat Social UK Leader

I believe I am here to plant the Shabbat Social seed in the UK and to encourage people to be the best they can be. My passion is sharing the things that I enjoy with others and I go to Shabbat Social (whether in the US or UK) for exactly that!

Jackie Engel

The Coach

I believe I am here to make a positive difference in the world and actualize my potential. I am passionate about motivating and facilitating transformation. I go to Shabbat Social to meet great Jews!

Adar Morag

The People Mixologist

I believe I am here to bring about positive change by creating meaningful relationships. My passion is my MO - living in the moment. I go to Shabbat Social to spend time with old friends and meet new ones.

Rachel Wolfson

The Logic Queen

I believe I am here to help elevate people’s lives by helping them communicate their ideas and passions to the world. I am passionate about connecting like-minded individuals together. I go to Shabbat Social to meet new people and enjoy fun experiences.

Rachel Wisotsky

The Optimist

I believe I am here to discover the positive in every situation. My passion is encouraging others to see their best self. I go to Shabbat Social to spend quality time with quality people.

Dalia Elbaz

The Sweetheart

I believe I am here to bring people together. I am passionate about spreading kindness and helping others. I go to Shabbat Social to network with people I care about.

Marc Mouhadeb

The Active-ist

I believe in Happiness and "paying it forward.” I am passionate about health and scuba diving. I go to Shabbat Social to meet Jewish ladies.

Jenny Karo

The Efficiency Expert

I believe I am here to inspire others. I am passionate about philanthropy and building meaningful connections. I go to Shabbat Social to help spread Oneg Shabbos (or "Joy of Shabbat")!

Hallie Geller

The Paparazzi

I believe I am here to garner insight from smart people by listening and creating. I am passionate about: meeting new people, learning, and photography. I go to Shabbat Social to meet other influential people in the New York Area.

Matt Ronen

The Social Server

I believe I am here to share my love for my favorite holiday of the year, Shabbat. That's right, Shabbat is my favorite holiday and it happens 52 times a year! I am passionate about: honoring through service those who sacrificed for us to enjoy living in a time where there is America and Israel. I go to Shabbat Social to meet old friends and make new friends.