Welcome to Shabbat Social, a movement igniting the passion and pride of millennial Jews who seek meaningful connection and a new spin on the timeless tradition of Shabbat. Our exclusive and unique Shabbat dinners and events are fun, engaging and full of surprises. Our generation deserves a Friday night celebration where we can unwind, laugh, be inspired and connect.

Lindsay, who did not grow up religious but started keeping Shabbat while learning in Israel, planted the earliest seeds of Shabbat Social. Inspired by the fun and ease with which powerful, new friendships were forming around the Shabbat table, she began thinking about how to offer something similar for her peers in the states.

As a recent NYU grad that loved to socialize, Lindsay was finding other men and women eager to enter the next phase of adulthood together and believed a like-minded Jewish community could be built through Shabbat events.

While working as a relationship coach, she gained insight into Millennials’ interests and desires. Most of her clients were searching for a place to meet not just new people, but their people.

After soliciting the help of a few friends and a Rabbi, Lindsay set out to create the coolest Shabbat experience in the city.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was busy making Shabbat dinners of his own with a great group of Jewish guys.  With his tech background and business acumen, Jonathan understood attendees would also want to cultivate meaningful business connections.

Out of their combined backgrounds emerged the process for accepting guests – if you would let your brother, sister or friend date or do business with the person, s/he could attend. And with that, Shabbat Social was born.