Welcome to Shabbat Social, a movement igniting the passion and pride of millennial Jews who seek meaningful connection and a new spin on the timeless tradition of Shabbat. Our exclusive and unique Shabbat dinners and events are fun, engaging and full of surprises. Our generation deserves a Friday night celebration where we can unwind, laugh, be inspired and connect.

Inspired by the Shabbat Social movement? So we’ve heard. We want to turn your inspiration into action by helping you host your very own Shabbat Social event. Every month, we choose a select number of Ambassadors to host their own Shabbat Dinner, and provide the assistance you need for an amazing night.

Did we mention your Shabbat meal is on us? That’s right. We provide the funding and our best hosting tips, so your night is nothing short of spectacular.


Shabbat Social is a growing community. Our Ambassadors become fast friends and brainstorm ways to make Shabbat Dinner the best possible social experience for guests. Plus, as an Ambassador you’ll gain access to Shabbat Social’s exclusive events.

There is nothing like pulling together a hot, fun Shabbat event that changes lives for the better. Creating a little night of Shabbat inspired happiness for others goes a long way. Interested in being a Shabbat Social Ambassador? Email us at hello@shabbatsocial.com.