Welcome to Shabbat Social, a movement igniting the passion and pride of millennial Jews who seek meaningful connection and a new spin on the timeless tradition of Shabbat. Our exclusive and unique Shabbat dinners and events are fun, engaging and full of surprises. Our generation deserves a Friday night celebration where we can unwind, laugh, be inspired and connect.

well hello,
My darling, I am filled with utter joy and naches that you are interested in Shabbat Social! I’ve done my best not to be a noodge, but you know how important this is not just for you, but all our people. Okay okay, I’m getting schmaltzy. I’ll save you the whole Megillah, but know this — you are about to shmooz with some of the coolest Jews in the city. Maybe even the world. Oh, I am so proud of you for taking a step in the direction of Shabbat! All that Facebooking and Tweetering is just not the same as getting together with your fellow Jews in person. But do share the photos on Instagrammy. Have a blast, honey.

Your Shabbat Social Bubbe